Horizon Professional Development Award opens doors for Liz


Liz Grandmaison is currently an Honours student in Women’s Studies at Flinders. Liz credits the Horizon Professional Development Award Program for getting open doors to employment in the Flinders Careers and Employability Service team, as well as helping her settle into Adelaide life after relocating from Western Australia.

In my first year of study, I got involved with the Flinders Horizon Professional Development Award Program. I went along to the Horizon leadership summit and was blown away by the career resources that were available to me as a student. Through the Horizon Award, I got opportunities to engage in projects, network with professionals, and build the confidence I needed to put myself out there.

I believe all students should take advantage of what the Horizon Award has to offer, because it’s free! It gives you the opportunity to work with industry professionals who can help you map out your future career. If you’re confused about your career direction, it can also help broaden or narrow your prospects.

It’s important to remember that it’s never too early to start career planning – even for first year students. You can start by simply setting goals and getting involved in extracurricular activities to prepare for employment. A good way to start is through the Horizon Award Professional Development Workshops offered throughout the year.

For me, participating in the Horizon Award helped me settle into university life after moving from Western Australia in 2017. I started making real connections at University after attending the leadership summit in my first semester. As I got more involved in the program, I made more networks which gave me a sense of belonging and made me feel at home.

Through participating in the Horizon Award, I also got to network with staff from the Flinders Careers and Employability Service, who run the program. Through this, I secured a shared full-time position as Student Engagement Assistant within their team. My role is to help connect Flinders students with the services and resources offered as part of the Horizon Award Program.

I now aim to complete my Honours degree and plan to undertake a PhD in humanities and social sciences. This will bring together my interests in gender, policy and culture with an eye toward generating practical research for the arts and cultural sector.”

For more information about the Horizon Professional Development Award Program, visit the Flinders Career Hub.

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