Tertiary Blood Challenge

1 March – 31 May

Get your blood pumping

Are you ready to change lives?

You’re set to make a big difference.

Just give blood or plasma between 1 March and 31 May with the Flinders University Lifeblood Team.

You’ll be among 50,000 students and staff across the country in the Tertiary Blood Challenge.

What’s Lifeblood Teams?

Lifeblood Teams brings people together to save lives — they’re made up of people, like you, who care about what’s happening in the world. Some donate together; others support the Team by donating on their own. Either way, we’re transforming the lives of thousands of Australians.

People like cancer patients, who depend on blood in their time of need. Whether it’s to keep them healthy enough for treatment, to get them through a tough surgery, or to compensate for the effects of chemotherapy, donated blood can make a life-saving difference.1, 2, 3, Give!

Everything you need to join the challenge and book a donation can be found on the challenge webpage.

You can check in on the front runners throughout the challenge and see how big an impact we’re making (spoiler: it’s huge).

And the best part (other than saving lives, of course)? The snacks. Give back to the community for free, and grab a veggie roll or a bag of chips before you go.

We’ll be competing against other teams from across the country for a spot on the podium in one of four categories:

  1. Most donations
  2. Most new donors
  3. Most plasma donations
  4. Highest year-on-year growth

Spread the word

It’ll take a team to win. Recruit some teammates using these downloadable assets to help Flinders get across the finish line.

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