Offering support and guidance

I was fortunate enough to come across Kevin Hardy, featured in the Encounter alumni magazine, during the untimely death of my wife with cancer. I believe […]

Florence Nightingale inspiration

Dr David Pickles from the Renmark campus was my Florence Nightingale inspiration since day one of my studies. His influence remains with me today as a […]

Nurses understand nurses

I work in a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit (BIRU), a routine that rotates around behaviours that can sometimes involve verbal and physical aggression, and can sometimes […]

Appreciative of care

I have two particularly cherished memories of nurses and midwives. The first is of a nurse appearing at night out of nowhere when I was struggling […]

Empathetic and comforting

In 2004 I developed an acute leukaemia and was very ill. I left my GP and went to Ashford. I had a bone marrow biopsy at […]

Always attentive

The nurses at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the palliative care unit took care of my grandfather in his last few weeks. He passed away last […]

Kindness and compassion

While working in Darwin I came across the most compassionate, empathetic and knowledgeable nurse working in a chemotherapy suite. This nurse trained me in a completely […]

Patience with patients

My dad went through a heart bypass surgery in February this year at Flinders Medical Centre. He cannot understand or speak English. He was admitted in […]