OneDrive for Business is coming to Flinders

OneDrive is an enterprise cloud file and document storage platform hosted in Australia that provides features similar to Dropbox and Google Drive.

It will be made available to all Staff in April 2017 as the University’s primary document collaboration and storage platform.

Aside from providing you with 1 terabyte of storage space for yourself, you will have access to create Office Groups to enable better collaboration within projects and teams by allowing access to common files, calendar information and shared group messaging.

There are also other ways OneDrive can improve the way you work and collaborate by:





In the coming few weeks, more details will be provided about the OneDrive rollout including how you can get started. On launch day OneDrive will appear on your Flinders dashboard (Okta) and you will have access to the OneDrive software and mobile apps.

Alongside the roll-out you will be invited to attend targeted training sessions focussing on research, teaching and professional staff use cases.

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