Help plant new trees to repair storm damage

The Flinders Sustainability & Environment Club (FUSEC) is inviting all staff and students to take part in one of four daily workshops being held this week to help plant trees near Sturt Campus.

The workshops, being conducted between 1pm and 2.30pm, are running until Thursday 16 September.

FUSEC has teamed with the University to begin work on replacing plants lost during a recent violent storm, with a focus on restoring local indigenous species to the campus.

The team has 235 plants to get into the ground over the four-day period, so many hands are needed to get involved and make the task easier.

Areas shaded in pink where tree planting workshops will take place.

The adjacent map has the planting areas highlighted in pink, located either side of Sturt Drive and opposite the Sturt campus. Look for people in hi-vis tops working on the site.

Participants need to make sure they’ve got closed shoes, a water bottle, hat, sunscreen – and don’t forget your face masks! The team will also have a limited supply of gardening gloves, but it would be a smart idea to bring your own.

Environmentally-aware students and staff are also encouraged to take part in this year’s Intervarsity BioBlitz Challengefor which Flinders University, Adelaide University and University of South Australia participants will compete to record the most amount of biodiversity data over a 14-day period, between September 13 and 26.

In addition to collecting data on campus grounds, Flinders participants will be recording information in Sturt Gorge.

Everyone can join the activities, with lots of free nature walking events being held by FUSEC, the Biology Society of South Australia, and the Student Sustainability Collective, or you can make your own observations at any point during the two-week period, using the free iNaturalist app.

The BioBlitz is a fun opportunity to connect with nature and learn more about animal and plant species on campus and in the nearby Sturt Gorge Conservation Park.

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