Marina Deller-Evans and Edith Hill present at Word Fest


Two of our amazing students, Edith Hill and Marina Deller-Evans, were invited to present a talk at Word Fest, a celebration of reading and writing hosted by Marion Libraries.  Their event titled “Healing and Hoaxes: Narratives of Loss and Lies” will be presented on Friday 25th October and has already sold out. We in the OGR couldn’t be more proud of these amazing people! Below is the description of Marina and Edith’s talk taken from the Word Fest program:

Remember that celebrity who lied about being sick? Or the one who actually was sick, and wrote a brilliant book about it? These are the familiar stories. What about the fraudster personal trainer whose con was revealed over YouTube? Or your best friend’s diaries after losing their husband? Possibly unfamiliar. Private and public narratives denoting health, wellness, death and demise dominate our contemporary conscience. This talk is concerned with health and wellness narratives and those who falsify them to the detriment of their audiences. It also considers the function of healing in grief and loss memoir and explores the positive and negative aspects of restorative writing.

If you are interested in the other events happening during Word Fest, check out the Marion Libraries page on Eventbrite:

Well done Edith and Marina.

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