PhD student making a difference for dietetic students and vascular patients

Jenni Suen began her career as a Project Support Officer working on malnutrition and vascular disease projects with Flinders University, Nutrition & Dietetics. Her desire in research to assist patients with vascular disease began in 2011 as an undergraduate student enabled by a summer scholarship programme.

This opportunity led her to continue working with vascular patients since graduation in 2014 where the work has led her to train final year students to gain practical clinical research skills, manage casual research staff, publish two papers and present at the 2016 International Congress of Dietetics.  Currently, she works as a casual academic to topic coordinate the first year external nutrition topic, The Australian Table and has embarked on a PhD in attempt to further her research skills to improve health outcomes for vascular patients. The PhD aims to investigate the effect of a student-led nutrition service, providing one-to-one clinic consultations and group nutrition sessions to prolong disease progression in patients with peripheral arterial disease. Professor Michelle Miller, her long-term supervisor and the concept founder acts as her primary supervisor enabling partnership with the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network Vascular Surgery Unit.

She welcomes contact through email ( if you would like to know more about the service and student opportunities.

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