Last but Definitely Not Least

Now that I’m nearing the end of my time at Flinders, I look back at my experience in amazement. If you had told me what this semester abroad would be like before I left, I would have come much earlier! And I can’t believe I’m about to leave.

This school, and this state, and this country have changed me for the better. I met so many people, both on campus and off, that welcomed me and made Adelaide feel like home. In this last segment of my study abroad, I’ve focused mainly on enjoying the city and school and friends I’ve made. We’ve gone thrift shopping and gotten drinks on the weekends and done absolutely normal things, but that’s what I love.

Adelaide isn’t just a tourist destination to me anymore, it feels lived-in and familiar. One of my favourite places in Adelaide is Plant 4, a warehouse full of food carts and vintage shops that just opened up in Bowden. I highly recommend it as a cool place to eat and shop. There are so many things that I love about Adelaide, and they keep on unfolding.

If you’re reading this to decide whether or not you want to go abroad, I just want to say: do it. I am definitely so thankful I did. And since I’m a film student, I’ve also had the chance to film loads of my travel, which I post on my Instagram account @addisonfilms. You can check out more of my experience there. 

Addison Woodside is on a semester exchange at Flinders University from Pacific University, the United States,

Semester 1 2017

Plant 4: full of food carts and shops
Murray River, just outside of Adelaide
Plant 4 from the outside
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