My third and final blog: Exams, end of term and SUMMER!

It is a cliché to say time goes fast, but it honestly really has! 12 weeks of term have passed, and I am currently revising for my final exam (wish me luck). Not only have I learnt so much, I have also had a great time, met amazing people and experienced so many new things.

The Village Ball was the highlight of the end of term for me. Dressing up and having a boogie before serious revision had to take place. It was a lovely evening to spend with everyone in the village, make new friends, eat tasty food and have one, or two, Proseccos.

I now feel like Adelaide has become my Australia home. I can happily get a bus to pretty much anywhere, I feel super comfortable strolling around the city, and I am so excited to give my Mum a tour when she arrives. I have also tried a spot of surfing too, very Australian of me. Although I don’t think it is quite for me, I stood up a few times which was a great personal achievement.

Although it is nearly the end of term, I feel like I have so much more to look forward to. A busy summer of travelling Australia, exploring, and making the most of this opportunity. I am ticking off the days on my calendar until my next adventure- Fiji.

The support I have had throughout the semester from staff from all areas of the university has been amazing. Flinders Living, Learn Without Borders, FUSE and all my teachers have always been willing to help and have made these past 4 months a comfortable as possible.

Thank you for an amazing term!

Cecily Reeves-Jones on semester exchange at Flinders University from University of Brighton, UK  during Semester 2, 2018

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Sunset at Flinders Living
Aussie BBQ
OzAsia Festival


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