The Halfway Mark

Hello Hello! The time has come for the near end of my first semester in Calgary. It has gone so quickly and I’m so happy that […]

End of Sem :(

Hi all!

I have just finished my last class of the semester in Flinders! Time really flies; I can’t believe that my time here in Flinders is about to come to an end (apart from a few assignment submissions left).

Tokyo Living

Konnichiwa! 「こんにちは、みなさん」 I will soon be entering my third month of student exchange here in Tokyo’s Chuo University. Although it has certainly taken some getting used […]

Tours (France) so far...

Bonjour ! As it’s getting colder back home, the weather’s finally started to pick as I proceed well into the second half of my semester here […]

Semester Exchange in the U.K.

Esther Telfer Flinders Degree: Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) Program: Semester exchange Destination: Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), the United Kingdom Period: Semester 2 2015 “[Highlight of […]