Open Days at Flinders University 2017 – August 18th and 19th

Open Day


Curious about what life is like at Flinders University?

Do you sit there thinking – “I’m pretty sure its totally like Hogwarts with endless plates of food, butterbeer and rogue wizards”?

Take the opportunity to find out – Open Days 18th and 19th August – its happening right now! (unless you are reading this later, in which case it already happened and you will have to return to your sad tertiary education free life).

Visit the website for more details if you love websites OR

Download the booklet (for pdf lovers) and pick from an extensive range of  “interactive activities, demonstrations, campus tours and more than 140 information sessions over two big days” OR

Download the Open Days App from the iTunes store or that Google Play thingo OR

Follow the Flinders Twitter Account

(please note, to actually participate in activities you will need to show up at the Bedford Park Campus).

Gareth – what kinds of exciting things can I expect to find on Open Day?

I’m glad you asked, and credit to you for asking an insightful and probing question.

  1. Campus tours – where someone shows you the campus (I guess that one was fairly self-explanatory).
  2. Stalls – where people from different groups within the university tell you about different areas of study, campus services or themselves. Be warned, some of them might look like hippies.
  3. The Alumni lounge – where old Flinders students re-live their glory days and discuss whether it was their knees or back that gave out first.
  4. Presentations and activities run by colleges within the university, ranging from hands-on screen production sessions (make your own movie!) to testing your reaction times with some health peeps. There are very interesting activities in the schedule – some that involve escape rooms, blood splatters, virtual reality, liquid nitrogen, augmented reality and lizards. Really, could you ask for more?
  5. Well yes you can actually. There are also information sessions – where you can learn about different degrees offered at Flinders and decide which industry you are going to make your millions from. Take it from someone who picked their degree with the flip of a coin – its probably worth attending a few to see what floats your boat.

But Gareth, I am an existing student or staff member – what is in it for me?

There are a few ways to look at this.

  1. You can actively shape the minds, motivations and enthusiasm of the next generation, by showcasing your work and achievements.
  2. You can sit on the lawn looking depressed, and visitors will think you are a pained genius.
  3. You can pretend to be a potential new student and attend all the activities you didn’t get to do years ago – relive the past dude!
  4. You can hide in your office (my choice).

Are you at Open Day right now? Did you attend? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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