Australia’s Biggest Smartphone Survey

Smartphone Survey

Apologies for the short notice, but you have till the 25th August to complete Australia’s Biggest Smartphone Survey being conducted by the ABC in collaboration with researchers from Griffith University, Murdoch University and Western Sydney University.

I have completed the survey. It asked questions about my usage, my attitudes towards my mobile phone, and the impact of my smartphone usage on my life and relationships. I found answering the questions made me reflect on my mobile phone usage. I was probably surprised at how much I use my mobile and how integral it has become to my life. For me it is the camera, music, instant messaging and email that characterise the bulk of my usage.

Whilst I don’t pretend that “I couldn’t live without my mobile” (that is irrational), I do believe modern life would be kinda awkward without one. What do you think?

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