LGBTIQ+ and the Disability Community


Over the weekend my social media feeds were flooded with rainbows for the US ‘National Coming Out Day’ which seems to have gained some more global traction in recent years. October 11th is a day of awareness raising, celebration, and coming out that was first celebrated over 30 years ago.

To mark the occasion, I thought I’d post a well overdue blog about LGBTIQ+ communities and the disability community.

Again, rather than trying to speak for anyone, I’m just going to shine my little blogging spotlight on some of the amazing LGBTIQ+ identifying people within the disability community that I follow. If you’re interested in their journeys, their advocacy and their work, look them up:

Of course Hannah Gadsby

I’m a long time fan of the work of My Genderation , check out this video.

And I enjoy following the Instagram stories and tweets from:

Please drop a comment below if there’s someone you follow in this space that I should look up! I know there are many more wonderful people in this space that I have yet to find.

Also  –  borrowing words from Antoni Porowski (cast member from the TV series Queer Eye) over the weekend:

‘Happy National coming out day to all those who have done it, are considering to do it or those who have been there to support someone who has done it. A gentle reminder that there is no wrong way to come out and it is your truth to share. You and throw a party, tell one person at a time, or write a letter, just let yourself do it when YOU feel ready because at the end of the day you’re doing it for yourself. It is your decision and should never be anyone else’s’



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