Online Media Smart Program for those who have body image concerns


A mate of mine (researcher here at Flinders Uni) by the name of Simon Wilksch has just launched his online ‘Media Smart‘ research program for young people aged 13-25 who have body image concerns.

The program is particularly well suited to those looking to:

  • Worry less about their body, weight or shape.
  • Think about food or exercise less.
  • Compare less to others on social media.
  • Spend less time editing photos to post on social media.
  • Not be distracted by body image thoughts.
  • Have better focus on study or work.
  • Be able to go out or take less time getting ready to go out.
  • Feel more connected with others.
  • Feel less anxious or down in general.

This is a research trial, so you don’t just automatically get the program. You register and then are randomly allocated to one of three groups:
1) Media Smart delivered weekly for 8 weeks,
2) Media Smart done at your own leisure OR
3) Tips on improving body image

So you will get something, no matter what group you end up in, but it is worth noting that you might not get the Media Smart program itself straight away [those who get allocated to group 3 will get the Media Smart Program once the research is finished].

Because it is a research trial, you will be surveyed at 4 points over a 12-month period, so the researchers can tell if the programs are helping. A monetary incentive is provided for completing all survey points.

Learn more at the website if you are thinking of participating, or perhaps recommending it to someone you know.

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