(Post) Lockdown basics: contact tracing


If you’ve been watching the news in the last hour or so, you know that some of the restrictions of the lockdown are being lessened.

We urge you however to stick close to your email for an update from the DVC-S about what these changes mean for you as a student of Flinders. 

Whilst restrictions might be scaled back, SA Health are still dealing with a cluster outbreak which means they are still engaging in Contact Tracing.

Contact Tracing involves tracking those who have been infected and the people and places that person has visited and then following up those people to get them tested.

SA Health’s Contact Tracing page is a list of places that have been identified as potential points of transmission.

It is wise to review that list and check whether you have visited any of those places in the time frames identified. If you have, you either have to immediately quarantine (and seek testing) or monitor your symptoms and seek testing if symptoms appear.

This contact tracing continues, regardless of what restrictions are currently in place.

Watch the video below to learn more about the process of Contact Tracing.

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