Car Park 4 Resurfacing


A note from the Disability Services team about some works happening in Car Park 4. 


There are commencing works over the summer break to resurface car park 4.  This is part of our capital infrastructure renewal program to upgrade our carparks to ensure they are safe and accessible.  The impact will mostly be for those of you who normally access the Law & Commerce (LWCM) and Social Sciences South (SSS) buildings from car park 4. During these essential asset renewal works the car park will not be accessible and alternative parking locations will be necessary.

We understand that this car park is an emergency assembly area and the project team will work with the wardens to ensure the alternative assembly point is used during this time. Security are aware of this car park closure and as the loop bus does not run during semester break the project will not impact this service.  Any changes or updates to this information will be communicated by email.

Alternative Parking Locations

Car Park 2 (outside Education building) is the closest park and below is a map to show the routes that can be taken with ramps and lifts to access the SSS building through LWCM.  Access could also be through the Education building (red arrows).

Car Park 5 is also easily accessible and has many undercover Access parks available.  Entry into the Social Sciences North (SSN) building if the lift is required by following the blue dots on the campus map or through the courtyard and up the stairs to SSS.


Advance Notification posters have been placed around the entry points to the car park for works beginning on 30th November. Actual work will commence on the 4th January 2021. Car Park 4 and Social Sciences Road will be closed from this date until mid-February.

Please forward this blog post to others who may benefit from this information.

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve this car park.  If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Genny Heartfield –

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