Student led event on wellbeing, mental health and study/life balance – 19th May


I am a big fan of students taking charge of leading events that help other students. I think such events tend to be better attended and less daunting for students to attend. They are also sometimes much more laser focused on the challenges that face students. Who knows what modern students are going through better than a modern student?

I have been invited to speak at such an event next week – 19th May @ Oasis Centre from 6.30 to 7.30. It is called Mindfulness in May and it is being run as a collaboration between the Social Work and Psychology Student Associations. The goal is to give students some tips on managing high workloads whilst maintaining good mental health. But another purpose (maybe a more important one) is to start building formal and informal networks of students that support each other.

You see, there is only so much advice I can give within a 30-60 minute session. But if students form support networks (e.g. Facebook or Telegram groups), those networks can continue to provide support in the weeks and months afterwards. That is my hope for the evening. That it signals the creation of new and better student-led support networks.

That being said, I will be speaking at the event, with a focus on support services, ingredients of good mental health and balancing high workload/mental health.

Deets below in the advert.

Those wanting to attend in person should email:  OR

You will also be able to connect in to the evening via Collaborate –



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