Yunggorendi Mande Cultural Gathering Space is GO!


This year Flinders created a cultural gathering space next to Yunggorendi Mande to host intimate cultural ceremonies and gatherings, smoking ceremonies, and learning and teaching activities such as for Open Day, Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week, inbound schooling and Orientation events.  This space will provide a place of well-being and healing, a place to grieve, and a space that brings Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities together.

The cultural gathering space will:

Provide an additional teaching and learning space for:

  • Outdoor cultural Learning on Country activities
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Indigenous student orientation programs

Host a variety of events including:

  • Welcome to Country smoking ceremonies
  • Gatherings for grieving and celebrating
  • Outdoor cooking activities
  • Community days
  • Artists in Residence
  • Student BBQs and other forms of engagement

Provide a culturally significant meeting place for:

  • Indigenous students and staff
  • The Flinders University’s Indigenous Student Association (FISA)
  • Other areas of the University, and
  • Host international cultural events

You are encouraged to venture into this lovely new space and enjoy what has been created for our entire University community.

Details about formal launch dates will follow soon 🙂

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