Oasis O’week & Connect week giveaways!

Overview: Oasis has stuff to win to celebrate mid-year orientation. Sweet Sweet Stuff. Reading time ~ 1 minute.

Oasis is a student community centre located in the convention centre-like building opposite car-park 5.

It is a place to hang out, meet people, do programs or sit and stare at a nicely decorated wall.

They have a swanky new video:

To celebrate mid-year orientation, they have a range of giveaways in place.

Basically if you attend a program or event at Oasis, your name will go into the draw for one of these prizes.

Give away 1: This includes x5 prizes, for anyone that attends the Market, conversation group, meditation, mindful yoga or flinders mates over this week through to the end of next week.

Give away 2: This is a stall giveaway prize for Sturt and Bedford park for anyone that scans the QR code when they attend the stall.

Give away 3: to be announced!

Follow them on social media to stay up-to-date with these giveaways. Social media is a good place to follow Oasis, as they are always running new programs and events.


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