International Day of People with Disability 2022

International Day of People with Disability (3rd December) is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions and achievements of people with disability and promote inclusion. The purpose of this post is to raise awareness of this event and encourage you to visit the website to learn more. Reading time ~ 1 minute. 

Robyn, the other project officer here at Health, Counselling and Disability Services, let me know that Saturday, 3 December 2022 is International Day of People with Disability. International Day of People with Disability is an annual United Nations observed day aimed at increasing public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability.

Flinders is committed to upholding the values and ethos outlined in the 2025 Agenda, to embrace diversity and promote equity, inclusion and social responsibility. Flinders also recognises that people are at the heart of our University and that we will champion diversity and equality of opportunity.

Flinders would like to take this opportunity on International Day of People with Disability to acknowledge the significant contribution our students and staff with disability make to the Flinders community. As well as recognising the ongoing work staff across the University are doing to support students with a disability to succeed in their studies.

In 2023, Flinders will commence consultation on the draft of our 2023-2026 Disability Action Plan, providing an opportunity for students and staff to provide input and feedback on the plan.

Further information about the consultation process will be provided in 2023.

In the meantime, visit the website. You’ll find there a range of stories, events and resources suitable for sharing with your networks.

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