A bonanza of wellbeing links – Issue 5

I come across way more cool wellbeing-related content than I can possibly cover here on the blog, so I’m doing the occasional ‘linkfest’ of stuff I’ve come across. In today’s collection are articles on: wellbeing, mindfulness, art, reading, habits, apps, perfectionism, procrastination, and ‘wellness’.

Staying Ahead Wellbeing Program

A six week program that teaches you simple strategies that you can practice to strengthen your wellbeing. Focuses on lifestyle, mindset, connection and direction.


Mindfulness-based stress reduction program as effective as medication for anxiety

A blog post that summarizes a study that found that an 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) course was as effective as Lexapro (escitalopram) to treat adults with anxiety disorders and with far fewer side effects


What art does for your brain

This article explores how art can enhance our brain function and well-being, such as by boosting creativity, empathy, memory, and mood. The article cites evidence from neuroscience, psychology, and sociology to show how art can stimulate different brain regions, activate reward pathways, reduce stress hormones, and increase social bonding


Why reading books is good

Regular readers will be happy to know that reading books is good for society, wellbeing, and your career, based on evidence from neuroscience, psychology, and sociology.


Habit apps help you build productive daily routines

The author of this article explores their experiences with using gamification apps to help them build healthy habits and achieve personal goals. Apps work by providing feedback, rewards, and social support.


How are perfectionism and procrastination connected?

Two of the big challenges for those in academia – perfectionism and procrastination. This article explains what perfectionism is, how it causes procrastination, and how to overcome it, such as by setting realistic standards, focusing on the process, and accepting mistakes.


Discover the strange side of ‘wellness’

I need to watch this series! The linked article reviews Netflix’s Wellmania, a documentary series that explores the bizarre and contradictory world of wellness trends, such as green juice, microdosing, cupping, and cocaine. Those are not wellbeing strategies that I recommend 😆

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