Flinders student Muthu exploring journeys of disabled postgraduate students

Are you an international student studying at Flinders with a disability? A fellow student Muthu is conducting confidential research to learn more about your experiences. Details in post. Get paid for your time.

I’m always happy to promote research happening at Flinders that gives students a voice on matters that can enhance support services.

Muthu is an Australia Awards student studying a Master of Disability Policy and Practice in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Muthu is active around campus on student clubs and disability related issues.

Muthu is conducting research on the lived experiences of postgraduate disabled international students at Flinders.

The research involves interviews (60 to 90 minutes) delving into the challenges, victories and overall journey of these students, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the support structures within the university.

Details of the study can be found in the image below or in the attached pdf.

If you wish to participate email: didi0012@flinders.edu.au to set up a time. Interviews can be conducted in a private meeting room at the library or online.

đź’µParticipants who complete the interview will get a $100 voucher đź’µ


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