In touch with ... Witold Bloch

After a research career in two continents, Dr Witold Bloch joined Flinders in 2022 as a lecturer in Chemistry. We asked Wit about his team’s work […]

RoboCup team win

A team including French AI and robotics PhD Maëlic Neau – who was a recent visiting student at Flinders University – won the Social Platform League […]

Celebrating success

All eyes on sleep expert’s article Dr Alexander Sweetman’s article How do I stop my mind racing and get some sleep? was the most-read article on […]

In touch with ... Michael Taylor

Flinders’ resident fungi expert Dr Michael Taylor spoke with us about his recent article published in The Conversation, and he explained how a trio of mischievous […]

Roadshows promote Flinders at schools

Innovative courses and exciting educational opportunities on offer at Flinders University’s new city campus were the focus of the inaugural Northern Adelaide Roadshow, held on Tuesday […]