Women’s Health Week – 4th the 8th of September

Women's Health Week

It is Women’s Health Week.

Visit http://www.womenshealthweek.com.au


  1. It contains practical health information focused around 5 main topics – heart health, mindfulness, bone health, physical activity, sleep and fatigue.
  2. You can find out about events happening in South Australia this week.
  3. You can see if your health information needs and behaviour are similar to that of other women surveyed.
  4. You can go on a sharing binge: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  5. You can win stuff (if you register quickly)
  6. You can find out more about the resources offered by Jean Hailes – “a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the knowledge of women’s health throughout the various stages of their lives, and to provide a trusted world-class health service for women”.
  7. You can indulge your love of overly pink websites and cheesy photos of people looking impossibly happy.
  8. You can get merch! Me, I’d go for the “elephant stress balls” simply for the name.

But I don’t identify as a woman….

  1. I’m pretty sure you know a woman, maybe even someone important to you. I bet their health is important to you. Perhaps you taking even 5-10 minutes to learn a bit about the types of health concerns and challenges that women face would be valuable in being a support to that person. Sure, you could continue to worry about yourself but frankly you have all day to do that.
  2. The health issues addressed during women’s health week, like heart health, physical activity, sleep and fatigue are relevant to us all. The content about mindfulness for example would benefit anyone regardless of gender.
  3. Just because you don’t identify as a woman doesn’t mean you can’t load your social media feeds with promotional materials and get that 2-4 second buzz of thinking you are important.

But I’m too lazy to sign up…

Well that is just pathetic.

But I understand your pain, so in keeping with rebellion, here is the link to the free e-booklet that you get if you sign up – https://issuu.com/jeanhailes/docs/whw_foldout_booklet_emag

You can thank me later.

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