Why is it so easy to over-consume soft drinks?


A quick congratulations to Eva Kemps and Marika Tiggemann from the School of Psychology, who scored themselves a cool $420,000 from the recent 2017 ARC Grants Announcement.

The project description is as follows:

“This project aims to test whether soft drink use is governed partly by automatic processes (cognitive biases) that operate largely outside of conscious control. In so doing, the project expects to generate a new conceptual understanding of the mechanisms that drive the over-consumption of soft drinks. Expected outcomes include theoretical innovation, new research methodologies, and accessible cost-effective technologies for reducing excessive sugar intake from soft drinks, in line with recent World Health Organization guidelines. These outcomes will contribute to combatting obesity and tooth decay.”

As a Coke shareholder and possible “over-consumer”, I look forward to reading this research with a cold cola in hand.

I should warn you, these researchers have also gone after my chocolate cravings in previous research. I’m worried that after tackling soft drinks and chocolate, they might try to find a way to make me eat more vegetables. Oh the horror!!

Jokes aside – congratulations Eva and Marika!

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