Gareth reads the internet 2 – the sequel!

Gareth reads the internet

I’ve just spent the last few days neck deep in Excel files.

Lets just say, it is not as fun as it sounds. Oh wait……it doesn’t sound like fun at all.

Because of this I’ve not had time to write any posts, but don’t think that gives you a free pass to just get on with your lives.

I’ve still got some homework for you to do. Read some other people’s stuff!!

As an aside I use Pocket as my interesting article bookmarking service. Works across different platforms. Works well.

Here are some of the things I have been reading recently:

Ketones in a bottleno, not the Police song, but a strange insight into the future of dieting. What if the effects of fasting could be achieved with a new type of energy drink?


Is your gut microbiome the key to health and happiness?probably, and you just ate a bucket of chicken, didn’t you?


An ancient philosopher’s advice for living a fulfilled life, even in the darkest timesthe short version? expect pain, accept what you can’t change, change what you can


The book of lifean ever growing guide to the one thing that has you totally baffled – life


Hack your mind like a twenty-first century soldier. Using biofeedback to become more resilient an excellent overview of one man’s experimentations with biofeedback.


Depression and mental health apps: How to tell the good from the badso many mental health apps! so many crappy ones!


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