Requesting adjustments to exams


When I was studying, I frequently requested that lecturers simply trust that I knew the material, and could I instead use the exam time to do some monster riffage on my guitar at home.

Their responses were “No” and “what the hell is riffage?”.

Unlike me however, there are plenty of people in the university who do qualify for alternative or adjusted exam arrangements, because of pre-existing medical, mental health, learning difficulties or disabilities.

The kinds of adjustments that can be made include things like:

  • extra time
  • alternative venue
  • ergonomic chairs
  • more frequent breaks
  • wheelchair access
  • alternative format papers

Now I know it is fairly early to be speaking about exams, but it is important that you know that all requests for alternative exam arrangements have to be received before the 15th May.

To find out more telephone 8201 2118 or email to discuss possibilities.

You will need to need to provide documentation of the medical condition/disability (this is kept strictly confidential).


Here is a graphic with the same information on it, for those that love graphics.

Disability Examinations

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