Second semester grants for students experiencing financial hardship

Second Semester Grants


The Flinders University Student Association (FUSA) have a grant scheme in place to help students experiencing financial hardship. Details below. Visit to learn more.

Opening Date: Monday 17th July

Closing Date: Friday 11th August, 5pm

What is the Second Semester Grant Scheme?
The purpose of the Second Semester Grant Scheme is to assist students, enrolled in their second or later year of an award at Flinders University, to continue their enrolment in their current course.
Grants will be available to students who are experiencing financial hardship and are ineligible for a loan or for whom a loan would be inappropriate.
Applicants must be able to demonstrate that other sources of assistance have been sought and are unavailable or inappropriate.
The value of individual grants awarded will be $500.

Applicants must be:
(a) Enrolled in the second or later year of an award of the University (successfully completed at least 36 units of study in your current course); and
(b) Able to demonstrate that the provision of the grant will assist them to continue their enrollment in their current course; and
(c) Able to show that other sources of financial assistance have been sought and are unavailable or inappropriate.

Preference will be given to:
• undergraduate students
• students who have not previously accessed a grant
• students facing particular financial difficulty in continuing their studies in the second half of the year

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