The 7th July is World Chocolate Day


Scientists have tried very hard to link chocolate intake with health benefits. The truth is however that chocolate is not really that healthy. Sure the dark variety has all sorts of wonderful naturally occurring food chemicals in it, some of which might be helpful, but once you add the sugar and fat, it all kinda falls apart.

But searching for health benefits of chocolate is missing the point. Not every activity in life has to be associated with a longer life. What use is a longer life if you have to sit there staring at, but not eating chocolate?

So on this day I am going to misuse my ‘Dr’ title and tell you that “Dr Furber suggests eating chocolate”*. Specifically, my ‘prescription’ is for you to wrap yourself up in a nice blanket, indoors, and gorge till you reach ‘Easter Coma’ levels.

If you believe this advice is dangerous, then you would be totally correct.

Here are some things I found happening around SA to celebrate World Chocolate Day. Nothing totally amazing, but a few giveaways.

Head to Hahndorf for World Chocolate Day

Max Brenner have a special offer for you on World Chocolate Day


* I am not a medical professional. My advice about chocolate consumption should be considered both ill informed and potentially dangerous.

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