Spare a coat for those on a student budget

Winter Coat Drive


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Oasis is ‘a-dressing’ needs on campus with a coat drive to facilitate diffusion of warmth to areas of higher need, for the remaining months of winter chill.

With the cooler season well and truly descended, staff (and students who own G6) are asked to consider donating a spare coat they may no longer require. The clothing will be distributed to students at the Flinders Community Market in Oasis.

Collection points

Any variety of warm coat, jacket or hoodie in good condition is appreciated and may be dropped off at one of three collection points at the Bedford Park and Sturt campuses:

  • Sturt cafeteria
  • Oasis reception
  • Ground floor of the Hub

The Winter Coat Drive collection is running from 3 July to 25 July 2018.

A few notes as a jacket donor:

1) you will not be assessed on your fashion sense (well at least not to your face)

2) please clean the jacket

3) check pockets first for the occasional lost $20 note

4) the donation of clothes can be a powerful first step in a more comprehensive declutter. For all decluttering needs, definitely go Japanese (just like motor cars).

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