Adelaide Festival of Ideas

Festival of Ideas


The Adelaide Festival of Ideas runs from the 12th to the 15th of July.

Although the name is relatively self-explanatory, in their own words, the festival is as follows:

Over three days in October we bring thought-provoking speakers to Adelaide from around Australia and the world and mix them in exciting ways: scientists of all kinds, policy wonks, philosophers, social and environmental activists, journalists, former politicians, historians, architects, economists, educationalists, theologians and diverse futurists.”

I took a quick look to identify those speakers that are connected to Flinders University, which include Professor Alison Kitson, Professor Marcello Costa, Dr Alice Gorman, David Hobbs, Dr Rob Manwaring, Dr Damien Riggs, Jeremy Ryder, and Peter Walker.

I also perused the program to find events with a health, mental health or mental fitness focus. I’ve attached the program with the main ones highlighted.

Of course you are very welcome (and encouraged) to attend some of the non-health focused ones.

Festival of Ideas
Click to access program with some of the health related events highlighted.



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