Some therapeutic writing and drawing exercises for that new notebook you just bought


I like buying notebooks.

The paper kind of notebook. The ones you can write or draw in (although I also enjoy a good laptop as well).

Blank ones for drawing –

Lined ones for writing –

A fresh notebook is all sorts of possibility. One of the joys of new notebook is working out what it is going to be used for.

At one of the upcoming Flinders Market Days, we are going to have some FREE notebooks available. In each notebook will be a brief guide I wrote about some of the therapeutic ways you might use that notebook.

But why should only those who are going to be lucky enough on the day to get a FREE notebook get the ideas?

So the attached document is a brief guide on a few ways you could use your notebook for therapeutic purposes.

If you have a way of using notebooks that you’ve found therapeutic – let us know. We’d love to add some student suggestions to the guide.


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