Important: Alternative Exam Arrangements for Semester 1, 2020


Alternative exam arrangements, semester 1, 2020

Please take note!

Friday the 15th May is the last day to apply for alternative exam arrangements on the basis of a medical condition, learning difficulty, or disability.

Students must see a Disability Advisor (ph 8201 2118, email before the 15th May, and provide documentation of the disability/medical condition.

Late applications cannot usually be accepted.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of activity going on at the moment in relation to work out how to best deliver exams, so don’t make your life harder by failing to register for alternative exam arrangements by the due date.

There are strict rules about late applications:

**** Late applications for conditions that arise after 15th May – We will try to accommodate these, depending on what is required but can’t make any guarantees. You may need to apply for deferred exams.

**** Late applications for pre-existing conditions: students can ONLY have 10 minutes/hour in the main venue. If that is not adequate you can get support for supp exams, they can have full alternative arrangements for deferred exams.  Deferred exams are 16 – 21st July.

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