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Join the group conversation for USEP Careers Q & A!

This session is conducted with our USEP consultant (Sascha Lemon-Spence) as an open group Careers Question & Answer (Q & A) aimed at those students that have a disability. Its an online forum where you can ask your question as well as learning from other participants’ questions and answers.

Reflect on your question before the online session and be ready to pose it via ‘chat messages’ (be succinct, but provide enough details). Be mindful this is an open session so specific personal or medical related questions may be better raised in another format.

The conversation may range across career-related topics such as:

  • Career planning and advice
  • General tips for applications and interviews
  • Jobs and graduate careers
  • Information on supports
  • Discussions around disclosure

To find out more and how to access these sessions go to:


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