Welcome to new students starting this semester and the O’guide program


On behalf of the team at Health, Counselling and Disability Services, a hearty welcome to the all the new students starting at Flinders in the mid-year intake!

Whilst it is unlikely that you’ll have landed on this blog as your first information source, just in case you have, i’ll direct to you where you really need to go first


That site has everything you need to know about preparing yourself for study.

As someone who always has health and wellbeing in mind, I bring your attention specifically to the O’guide program. This is a new initiative to help new students find their way at Flinders.

O’Guides are current students who act as a contact point for new students throughout the first few weeks of Semester. O’Guides can answer any questions you may have (or point you in the right direction). They will also help you get to know other students starting their university journey. When I think back to my study experience, I remember that it took me a while before I really felt like I was part of the Flinders community. The O’guide initiative is about accelerating that process so you feel part of Flinders much earlier in your study experience.

For those of you arriving at Flinders for the Semester 2 orientation, you can find your O’guide by simply logging onto FLO and visiting the topic, ‘Finding Your Way at Flinders’.

Here, you will join your O’Guide in group discussion forums and weekly live video sessions with other new students.

For those that want to learn more about the O’guide program, visit this explanation page (this includes current students who might want to become an O’guide in the future).


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