Wear it Purple Day 2020 – Friday 28th August


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Zoe here, I’ve popped up from time to time on this blog – thanks Gareth for this fab forum to share information!

I’m one of the Counsellors at HCDS and also currently in the Student EO Advisor role. The Student EO provides confidential support and options for students who may experience discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment at Flinders. I’m also a member of the Ally network, which is made up of staff and students who are allies of the LGBTIQ+ community and offer a point of contact for students or staff on campus to discuss LGBTIQ+ issues.

I wanted to spread the word that Friday 28th August is Wear it Purple Day.

Wear it Purple Day is about showing LGBTIQ+ young people that they have the right to be proud of who they are. It is about creating safe spaces in schools, universities, workplaces and public spaces to show LGBTIQ+ young people that they are seen and supported.

Last year over 750 schools, community organisations and universities held events across Australia, and reached an estimated 600,000 young people seeing the respect, acceptance and inclusion that surrounds them.

What’s happening around us today and why is this important?

  • 75% of LGBTIQ+ youth in Australia will be bullied because of their identity.
  • 80% will experience it at school. β†’ Because of this, LGBTIQ+ youth are up to 12x more likely to experience depression and up to 5x more likely to experience anxiety.

So please show your support for our LGBTIQ+ friends and community on Friday 28th August by adding some purple to your daily ensemble!

And if you ever experience bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment at Flinders, you can get in contact with me for a confidential appointment to discuss your situation on 8201 2118 or studenteo@flinders.edu.au.

Cheerio until next time πŸ™‚

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