Lockdown resources with a focus on wellbeing


Lydia from EPSW shared a list of Lockdown resources from RMIT that I thought was worth sharing on the blog. They were compiled by Jonathan Boymal Deputy Dean (Learning and Teaching) at RMIT.

The resources are focused on sustaining and increasing wellbeing during these difficult times.

I have removed a couple of the Melbourne specific ones and replaced with similar services here in SA.

Obviously, the lockdown situation in VIC is far worse than here in SA currently, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t starting to really feel the impacts of living under restrictions and the ever-present threat of further restrictions.

Lists like this are certainly not comprehensive collections of COVID-19 resources, but they are excellent starting points for someone wanting to do a bit of reading in the area and wanting a thematically curated selection of resources. In this case, the theme is wellbeing.


Wellbeing Resources for Lockdown

General Readings

Resources for Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mindfulness & Meditation

Being Active

Staying Creative

Explore Nature

Online Learning

Working Better

Nutrition to Support Wellbeing

Resources for Young People

Online Forums


24/7 support lines 


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