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I really enjoy the content on this blog, but, at the risk of being accused of assisting procrastination – I’d like to deviate from random ruminations, and informative posts to bring you a laugh or two…

Check out these awesome comedians who just happen to have disabilities (along with a couple of neurodivergent comedians for good measure) in between working on all of the busy essay writing, and reading and general study you’ve got in front of you!

I’ve tried to provide a varied list of comedians with a range of different disabilities/neurodivergence and varied approaches to comedy.


Hannah Gadsby

Zach Anner

Danielle Perez

Leigh Ridley

Rosie Jones

Chris McCausland

Nina G

Steve Lee

D.J. Demers

Jordan Raskopoulous

And of course… the incomparable Stella Young

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