RUOK? Day on campus this Thursday 10th September


RUOK? Day probably doesn’t need any introducing. It has been a fixture of the Australian Calendar since 2009.

The idea is simple. To remind everyone to check in on each other, regularly. When we do that, we create a society where each of us looks out for each other and we all have the capacity to step in and help when any of us are struggling.

This can help stop people falling through the cracks and into a dark place where they start considering suicide as an option.

Their motto ‘a conversation could change a life‘ captures this perfectly. It is easy in the busyness of life to not stop often enough and check in those we care about most, whether they be friends, family, colleagues or even casual acquaintances.

Another thing that can get in the way is people not feeling sure about how to ask or what to say if they discover the person they are speaking to actually isn’t doing OK.

So one of the big things that the RUOK? people have done is create guides and videos on how to ask and how to follow-up with assistance.


Flinders-based RUOK? Activities

So I just got an email from the RUOK? Day organisers here at Flinders with the various activities that are happening on the day. One of them I happen to be involved with!

Here is a quick overview.

  • RUOK? Day Stall – Operating in the Hub on Thursday from 11:00am to 2.00pm with lots of free RUOK merchandise to hand out
  • Coffee and Food Vouchers (as an alternative to free food, given the COVID restrictions)
  • Free items – cupcakes (themed) and succulents
  • Picnic Chairs, Tables and Sleepee Teepees (weather permitting) in the Plaza area
  • Live Music emanating from the Hub
  • Panel Discussion – Online and at the Hub – kicking off at Midday


A bit more about the Panel Discussion

The Welfare Officer from FUSA is hosting a panel including speakers from Health, Counselling and Disability Services, Yunggorendi and Student Experience. I am one of the panelists!

We will be talking about how to check in on someone, how to build wellbeing, the value of a day like RUOK? and the many support services that exist at the University.

You can attend the panel discussion live – we will be setup in the Hub, but we will also be uploading the discussion to social media later in the day.

Panel discussion kicks off at 12.00pm – Midday on the 10th September.


Where to stay up-to-date with RUOK? activities

FUSA, Flinders and OASIS will be coordinating their social media feeds on Thursday, so tuning into any of their Facebook pages in the lead-up to and on the day will yield you updates on what is happening.

Also keep an eye out for this week’s Ping! newsletter.

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