The lived experience of men with BPD


My apologies to Dayna who sent me information about this event a while back and I didn’t post it sooner. It deals with the lived experience of men with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and is organised by the Australian BPD Foundation.

The event is happening on the 9th October at Cafe Alere and Alere Function Centre at Bedford Park, so get in quick at the Eventbrite listing and book your place.

Share lunch with our panel of experts as we Flip the Script on the Lived Experience of Men with BPD

About this event

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a complex mental illness that is often misunderstood. BPD is characterised by unstable and varying moods, emotions and self-image. It often leads to volatile relationships and self-harm which can include suicide or suicidal ideation.

With early diagnosis, appropriate treatment and support the prognosis for people with BPD is good. Having BPD is not a choice; it is a legitimate mental health issue. There are treatments available and people are likely to recover.

The Lived Experience of Men with BPD – flipping the common misconception that BPD is predominantly a female condition and encouraging clinicians to be aware that BPD presents in men in similar proportions to women. The focus of BPD Awareness Week 2020 is on self-stigma and encouraging people to change the way they think and speak about borderline personality disorder.

Join MC, Tony Greenrod, along with our team of experts to flip the script:

Jake Hodgman – Lived Experience

Aaron Fornarino – Lived Experience

Brodie Boswell – Lived Experience Performer – Brodie has written a hip-hop song on BPD and will perform it live or show the video.

Tony Greenrod – Carer & MC

Sharon Bax – SA Prison Health

Kimberley Gilson – Forensic Psychology registrar, Senior Clinician BPD Collaborative

A finger food lunch will be supplied.

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