We have nature stickers!


Last year, as part of Mental Health Day, we got some nature stickers made.

Why nature stickers?

Well, one purported contributor to poor mental health is the disconnect from nature we experience, living in urban industrialised settings. And we don’t necessarily have to be out in nature to get the benefits. There are studies showing improvements in attention arising simply from viewing pictures of nature. Consider mind blown!

These stickers are about bringing a little bit of nature inside with you. Stick them on your books or folders or filing cabinets or laptops or phones. They are a constant reminder of the beauty that can be found outside, and hopefully a trigger for you to visit outside more often or perhaps start your own little garden.

I just topped up our little selection here at Health, Counselling and Disability Services. I’ll also endeavor to keep them topped up as they disappear.

Feel free to take one (or a couple) next time you are here for a GP or counselling appointment.


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