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I am not good on camera. Whether it is a still camera or video camera, I come across like an insane hobo.

Which would be fine if I am ever cast in a film as ‘insane hobo’ but it aint so great for spreading the word about wellbeing and productivity.

Thankfully, some people are naturals on camera.

Lauren Butterworth is one of those people.

Lauren is the main star in the premiere video series for Flinders students called ‘Like a Boss‘.

Each week, Lauren tackles some of the big challenges that students are now facing, working from home and living in relative isolation.

19 episodes of the ‘Like a Boss‘ series are up already. One of the recent ones deals with exam preparation, which is very topical right now.

I also make an appearance in the most recent one:

More are coming, and assuming I didn’t outstay my welcome I may even appear in some future episodes (god help you all!).

You can find new episodes as they are created via the Ping! newsletter or blog. Or find them on YouTube via the Student Experience Channel.

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