(Post) Lockdown basics: mental health (and other) supports


As you are probably aware, a 6-day lockdown was recently initiated to curb the recent Coronavirus cluster outbreak. That lockdown ended early.

In responding to the lockdown, I pulled together some mental health support services for those who might have been struggling.

The lockdown might be finished, but these resources might still be relevant, so I have left them here.

If you are seeking mental health support during this time, here are the options available to you.

Contact the Flinders University Counselling team via counselling@flinders.edu.au. Our intake team will respond and organise an appointment (telehealth) during normal business hours.

If it is Out-of-hours or the weekend, you can call the Out-of-Hours Crisis Line. Call 1300 512 409 or text 0488 884 103.

SA Health have set up a COVID-19 Mental Health Support hub which provides links to a range of telephone and online services.

Beyond Blue have 24/7 Mental Health supports (phone, chat, forums, crisis) available.

Lifeline are always available via phone.

Head to Health have a dedicated COVID-19 page outlining different mental health supports, including online supports.

eMHprac have a detailed list of online mental health programs that you can access.

Also check out the Help and Advice on COVID-19 for South Australians page which covers information lines, disability supports, family supports, health supports, financial and housing supports and more.


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