Evidence-based eating guide courtesy of the team at Nutrition Facts


I’ve written on this blog before about my conversion to a plant-based vegan lifestyle.

Whether or not you decide veganism makes sense for you, a shift to a more plant-based eating pattern is recognised as healthy, environmentally beneficial and generally more ethical.

However, a shift to a plant-based diet shouldn’t be made without some self-education about how to ensure you gain the necessary level of nutrition.

One of the best sites I have come across in terms of education about the shift to a plant-based diet is NutritionFacts.org | The Latest Nutrition Related Topics

They publish a free Evidence-based Eating Guide, which can be gained from their website.

It can also be grabbed below. Enjoy 🙂 [Note: because of the file size I have had to host it on my dropbox, hence why it will redirect you there]


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