The Good Vibes Experiment is alive!!


After a number of months working in the background with a talented group of students, designers and managers, I am very happy to say that our mental-health focused campaign, The Good Vibes Experiment has been released.

At the core of the campaign is the invitation to experiment with different types of wellbeing activities in your life, as a way of balancing out some of the challenges of recent times.

The Launch is on Wednesday 17th from 10am to 2pm , with different activities depending on your campus:

🎵 Live music (Sturt and Tonsley)
📓 A free activity book
🙏 An interactive gratitude wall
🎨 Art therapy workshops by FUMA
🍣 Free lunch at midday (Subway and Sushi)
💕 Friendship bracelet making
💅 Henna
🌱 Drop-in planting and flower-crown making at the Community Garden (10:30am-2:30pm)
🤤 Fairy floss at Law & Commerce (11.30-1.30)
🍿 Popcorn at Tonsley

But if you aren’t on campus that day, or are located on one of our more remote campuses, do not worry, there are still many ways to connect with the campaign.

Check out our Activity Book via Issuu and order a hard copy if it takes your fancy (Flinders Students Only)

Keep your eye out for various merch items (pins, t-shirts, stickers) around the university.

Book in for one our workshops (via the Good Vibes website). Workshops include some after-hours and online as well. Don’t worry if you miss out though, we’ll be running workshops throughout the year.

Follow FUSA, Oasis, Ask Flinders on Facebook or the Flinders Instagram for social media content and information about the campaign (#flindersgoodvibes).

Finally, stay tuned to this blog for wellbeing activities focused material over the coming months. I’ll dissect different parts of the campaign so you can dig in further to understand the origins of the campaign and how the ideas might apply to your life.

Got questions about the campaign? Contact the Good Vibes Team (

Otherwise, we look forward to connecting with you in the coming weeks as we all invest a little bit of time in our mental health.

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