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With the launch of the Good Vibes Experiment campaign done, my attention now turns to the next stage of the Good Vibes Experiment – the workshops. 

We are taking a different approach with workshops to that in the past. 

We’re creating Virtual Mini workshops! 

That is really just a fancy way of saying that we are cutting up the content that would have gone into the workshops and packaging them into short videos that you can consume at your own leisure. The idea of these videos is that you take the occasional 10 minute break out of your day to learn a new wellbeing technique/activity. 

I’ve created and posted a couple of these workshops already over on YouTube. I invite you to check them out.

The first involves a self-reflection exercise where you take stock of how you are doing in the different domains of your life.  

The handout referenced in the video can be accessed here:

The second runs you through the 5,4,3,2,1 grounding technique:


The idea of these Virtual Mini Workshops is that we are stepping up from the fun and playful activities in the Activity Book to include exercises that are a little closer to their therapeutic origins. We’ll still try to make them engaging and interesting, but these activities will dig a little deeper into the underlying topics. 

With a little bit of polishing and refinement, this format should work quite well to give you bite-sized chunks of mental health knowledge and skill. 

20 videos are planned at this stage, one for each of the 20 wellbeing tactics that underpin the whole Good Vibes Experiment campaign. I’ll post them on the blog as they are developed and you might find them mentioned on other socials as well. 

We welcome your feedback on these videos. The GVE team wants to finish the process with a good library of video content that students can visit at any point, to learn the mechanics of how to improve, maintain or begin to repair their mental health.

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