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I wrote a little while back about making contact with Dr Andrew McClelland, senior lecturer in mental health for the Centre for Remote Health.

We agreed to exchange resources and have been doing so. I am looking forward to being able to share some of his excellent self-care materials.

Today he sent some information about rural and remote counselling/wellbeing resources. Whilst they are oriented towards rural and remote staff and students with a focus on working in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, some of the resources (e.g. the Mindful Mondays) are applicable to us all.

CRANAplus – heaps of resources including Bush Support Services (Telephone counselling service): 1800 805 391

The CRANAplus website has many other useful resources. You can sign up to the Mindful Mondays newsletter for quick-read practical de-stressing ideas. The Education, Workforce Support and Resources tabs all have useful info.  For example, there are clinician and student support services, mental health training and useful docs such as Pathways to Remote Professional Practice.

RAHC Resilience & Self-Care Out Bush (online resource): You’ll need to create an account (free) to access the eLearning. The course/resource is interactive and is very good for preparing to head out to a community for work or placement as well as self-care considerations when there. The principles are applicable in many environments and the site is well worth a visit. The RAHC website also has a number of other useful resources – in the eLearning folder.

I’ll seek to post other resources as they are shared 🙂

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