Preparing for Exams – the Series


Back when the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog first started, I did a series on Preparing for Exams.

I took some time to revisit those posts today, knowing that exams are coming up again soon.

It is a 7 part series:

Part 1 – Managing exam anxiety as well as this 4 tips for managing exam stress

Part 2 – Evidence based study tips

Part 3 – Common study/writing traps and how to deal with them

Part 4 – Tame your brain

Part 5 – Embracing failure

Part 6 – Memory

Part 7 – Exam wrappers and how they might improve your performance

I’m promoting it now, because a number of the recommendations I make in those posts require you to start early. For example, learning how to use relaxation strategies works better when you learn them in the lead-up to a stressful period of time. Study strategies like spaced repetition and self-testing work better when commenced in the weeks before exams. Exam wrappers are best used fairly close after exams to help take lessons from the experience.

So, apologies for potentially freaking you out and reminding you about exams, but the sooner you wrap your noggin around the reality, the better.

You might also find our Evidence Based Study and Exam Preparation Tips document useful. Packed full of recommendations.

I’ve even started looking at some recent research in the area of exam performance that might provide you with some clues on how to maximise your performance. First off the rank:

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