Toastmasters club is hosting an ‘Impromptu Speaking Contest” on the 23rd September


I’ve mentioned the Flinders Toastmasters club on this blog before.

Counsellors often recommend it to students who struggle with social anxiety and public speaking anxiety in particular.

Chris Simmons who runs it here at Flinders contacted me to let me know of an event they are hosting on the 23rd September that you might be interested in:


At 6:30pm on 23 September, the Flinders Toastmasters Club will be running its first Contest for the year. This first contest is about Impromptu Speaking: members who compete will speak without notice, for 2 minutes, on a random topic.

5 expert judges will assess their performances and announce winners on the night.

The 1st and second place getters go on to complete against other Toastmasters Clubs in the area in the Area Contest.

Audience members are very welcome and there is no charge (although seats are of course limited due to COVID). We are planning to use the Oasis Common Room (it is our usual meeting night).

Bookings via –

This might be a good event for those students who struggle with self-confidence who get to see how much confidence can be developed as a result of training in public speaking (almost all the contestants are students).

To make it clear: you won’t be spontaneously asked to compete, but you can sit and watch the skills that other students have developed in this space 😃


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