Week 2 of the Student Wellbeing Survey

We’re conducting a whole of university Student Wellbeing Survey in order to better understand the student experience. You also can get a customised wellbeing report identifying where you are going well and where you could focus your attention. Details in post. Reading time ~ 4 minutes.

We’re into Week 2 of the Student Wellbeing Survey!!

The long story about the survey can be found at this previous blog post.

The short story is that Flinders is increasing its activity in the wellbeing space. This includes the Whole of University Wellbeing Strategic Plan and the development of a Wellbeing Working Group.

This might not mean a lot to you as a student right now, but it is important in thinking about where the University goes over the next couple of years and how it thinks about how to look after the mental health and wellbeing of staff and students.

Those of us like me in the wellbeing area want to see Flinders become a leader in the space. To become a wellbeing focused university where productivity and health and a strong sense of community are dominant values.

I believe this is consistent with the FEARLESS branding that the university currently has. If we are to take intellectual risks, venture into difficult territories, do things differently, take opportunities, ask challenging questions, then we need to ensure as a community we are there to support each other to do that, and that as individuals we have the psychological tools necessary to push ourselves in these ways.

Wellbeing as a concept encapsulates our productivity, our relationships, our experiences of life, our emotional world.

Working to change wellbeing first involves understanding people’s wellbeing and given that Be Well Co (the organisation collaborating with us to deliver the survey) are experts in both the measurement and improvement in wellbeing, they’re an obvious partner.

That is where the Student Wellbeing Survey comes in. ✍🏼 We want to understand current student wellbeing, the good, bad and ugly, so that we can develop and deliver services to improve it.

We’re very mindful that students get asked a lot of questions and asked to complete a lot of surveys. We ask you to rate our teaching, our programs, the university culture, your educational experience and more. And so we understand if it feels like a lot to do another survey.

But there are a few aspects to this survey that make it worth considering:

  1. Β It is anonymous so you can be honest about where you are at in your life, without fear of being identified.
  2. You can go into the draw to win a range of prizes from vouchers to wellbeing packs.
  3. You can elect to get an individualised wellbeing report at the end of it to give you insights into the different domains of wellbeing.
  4. We are running ‘understand your survey results’ sessions where you can learn more about how to interpret your report. There are 2 current ones with more on the way if needed.
    1. Session 1 – 6:00pm – 7:00pm | Thursday, 15 September |Β Register now
    2. Session 2 – 6:00pm – 7:00pm | Tuesday, 4 October |Β Register now
  5. We’ll be doing feedback to the whole uni on what we learn from the survey and how it will translate into action.

So if you’ve been on the fence about doing the survey, please reconsider.

If you’ve already completed it, then our sincere thanks πŸ™πŸΌ

If it is not your thing, then we understand, but please consider sharing with us your ideas about how Flinders enhances its wellbeing activities to have your voice heard.

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